St. Louis University School of Law: Testimonial

"Recently several colleagues and I moved into new offices on the second and third floors of the Queen's Daughters Home at Saint Louis University School of Law. As you are aware, this project, repairing and renovating a 1890's Romanesque Mansion, involved unknown conditions and a demanding schedule.

I believe that the schedule was met only because of the skill and dedication of your workers and those of the other sub-contractors. I know that your dedication and direction were crucial too. This project required concentrated, extra effort and specialized expertise, both of which your company provided. I am proud of this project and of the work that is going into it. I want you to know that we greatly appreciate the role that L. Grasse & Associates and your workers have played and are playing in making this building an important part of Saint Louis University School of Law. Best wishes for continued success."

- Saint Louis University School of Law